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Keanu Reeves’ Only Kid And Daughter Died | He Still Feels The Pain 22 Years Later.

If anybody in Hollywood merits the attention they receive, it has to be Keanu Reeves. For years, admirers have lauded the 57-year-old as one of the sweetest performers, despite his celebrity. Insider even devoted a story to him, listing eleven factors why he is the “best guy ever.”

It involves little gestures of kindness, such as constantly posing for photos and signing signatures when people ask for them, as well as being courteous to his followers. But it’s his spontaneous gestures of generosity that have us completely smitten. He clearly represents the spirit of compassion, from giving up his seat on a packed metro train to covertly contributing money to a children’s hospital. Perhaps it is because of this that learning about his tragic history tears our hearts even more.

Many people are unaware that the guy behind the gruff figure John Wick has spent the most of his life dealing with heartache after sorrow. He lost his best buddy first, then his partner, and destiny did not spare his young daughter. The streak of disasters began in 1993, when River Phoenix, a promising actor and Joaquin Phoenix’s brother, died of a heroin overdose at the age of 23. His unexpected death had a massive effect on Keanu, who had spent years attempting to recover. Then, in 1998, he met Jennifer Syme at a party, and the two hit it off right away. The actress was eight years younger than Reeves, yet they appeared made for each other.

The loving couple fell pregnant with their daughter, Ava, after a year of dating. They had no idea that their joy would be fleeting when Syme gave birth to their stillborn baby daughter on Christmas Eve in 1999. What was intended to be a joyous occasion changed into a period of mourning that the couple could not overcome together. As a result, Keanu and Syme split up immediately after their late daughter’s burial to recover. Even though their physical connection ended, the two enjoyed an unbreakable friendship, and they remained closest friends. But, in 2001, Keanu lost his closest buddy Syme for the second time in a devastating vehicle accident.

Sadness takes many forms, but it never goes away, the actor stated. People believe that once you deal with it, one can say, ‘It’s gone, and I’m well.’ They are incorrect. One is alone when the folks one cares about are gone. He misses being a part of their lives as much as they miss being a part of mine. He imagined what the present would be like if they were present, and what they could have done together. He misses all of the wonderful things that will never be. It’s not right, it’s ridiculous. All one can do is pray that sadness will be changed and that, rather than feeling anguish and bewilderment, one will be reunited in recollection, where there will be consolation and joy, and not just sadness.

Given the tragic losses he’s had to endure throughout his life, it appears that Reeves has given death a lot of consideration. During an interview, the actor left the host and the audience speechless when asked, ‘What does he believe occurs when people die, Keanu Reeves? He believes that the ones who love them will miss them, the actor said passionately. That statement alone was sufficient to make a room full of people contemplate quietly about the depth of Keanu’s sad background. But he hasn’t given up his dream of finding happiness and living a meaningful life.

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During an interview, he discussed how the events were a “turning point” in his life, making him appreciate it even more. He doesn’t want to run away from life. He understood its allure, he said. When asked if the loss had altered him in any way, the Speed actor replied that he is making an effort to spend less time alone and it’s a challenge. He’d like to get married. He wants to start a family. That is at the summit of the mountain. He must first ascend the mountain. He’ll take care of it. Just give him a little time.

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