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Kelly Clarkson Admits She Will Spank Her Kids If They Are Out Of Line.

Kelly Clarkson has revealed some information about how she disciplined her kids. In an interview, the mother-of-two stated that she will smack her kids if their conduct is out of line.

Realizing the uproar, she adds how the practice is rather widespread in her home state of Louisiana.

Clarkson, who is originally from Fort Worth, Texas, has 2 kids: River Rose, 5, and Remy, 3, as well as two stepchildren from her former marriage to Brandon Blackstock. When asked about how she disciplined her kids, she stated that she expressed that she is not above a spanking, which some people don’t like. And she doesn’t mean beating her hard, just a spanking.

She then defends her approach, saying that her parents spanked her and she performed well in life, and she is satisfied. She went on to say that there is always a warning before she takes action.

The Voice coach went on to explain how spanking is common in the South, where she is from.

She does, though, confess that it can be tough in public since those who disagree may be fast to condemn.

Kelly Clarkson Uses Spanking To Discipline Kids

Do you agree with Kelly Clarkson that spanking is a good form of discipling your kids?

Posted by ET Canada on Wednesday, 18 April 2018

For many years, people have debated whether spanking is an appropriate form of punishment. Some believe it is harmless, while others believe it is harmful.

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not advocate spanking or any other kind of “corporal punishment” as a form of discipline.

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