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Kelly Clarkson On Moving Her Show To New York: My Kids & I ‘Really Needed A Fresh Start’

Kelly Clarkson desired a new start, so she relocated across the nation.

NBC announced in early May that “The Kelly Clarkson Show” will relocate its production from Los Angeles to New York City. The Emmy-winning presenter and performer just recently addressed the topic, telling Nancy O’Dell on TalkShopLive that it was a difficult choice.

Clarkson said in an interview published on May 25 that she had an emotional conversation with her staff in January about transferring the renowned daytime talk show.

She stated that she has gathered such an incredible group of individuals. They’ve obviously been incredibly successful, and she adores everyone she works with, and they have such wonderful connections. So she approached them and said that she wanted them to understand what was going on. Either she can’t continue with the program or she has to move to the East Coast.

Clarkson described how she felt “isolated” and separated from her family during the COVID-19 epidemic. She explained that’s not good for anyone, especially her family on the east coast. They’re based in North Carolina, so it was one of those things where she just had to, and there were also plenty of personal things going on where she felt like their family, she and her kids, required a new beginning, and she just couldn’t get it here (in Los Angeles).

After almost seven years of marriage, the “Mine” singer filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock in June 2020. The couple settled in March 2022, with both enjoying joint custody of their two children, River Rose, 8, and Remington, 7.

She said that it was completely her idea, adding that she’s had such an amazing time with all of these individuals and these relationships, and it kind of stinks to uproot and move them.

She seemed to really enjoy doing this show. She really believed it. She had no idea she would, but she was like, she must bring about a change for her and her family. She added that she was like, so any chance they can maybe do this? She understands they can’t do it from her ranch, so any possibility they can do it in New York, which is at least closer to her family, since they’re like an hour’s flight away, was truly the main reason, she says.

The Grammy winner did note that her love of theater and Broadway contributed to her decision.

She hadn’t anticipated she’d get a chance to do anything (for Broadway), she remarked, adding that she is now writing something for Broadway.

She does not like acting in movies and TV, but she loves stage stuff, she said.

Meanwhile, Clarkson is concentrating on transferring her daytime chat show and her 10-night Las Vegas residency, “Chemistry: An Intimate Evening with Kelly Clarkson,” which will promote her new album, “Chemistry,” which is about “the arc of an entire relationship.”

Before, the past two seasons of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” held their debut weeks in New York. The series has been renewed until 2025.

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