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Kelly Clarkson was criticized of child abuse after admitting to hitting her kids in an interview.

Kelly Clarkson was criticized of child abuse after admitting to hitting her kids in an interview.

Clarkson, a mother of four, spoke out on parenting in an interview, saying she is “not above” beating her kids if they misbehave, a technique she says people “aren’t always into.”

When asked about beating her 3-year-old daughter, the “American Idol” winner made clear that she don’t mean like striking her hard, she just mean a spanking.

She warn her, stated the mother. She tells her kids  that she is going to slap them on the bottom if they don’t stop right now — this is insane.

Kelly Clarkson Uses Spanking To Discipline Kids

Do you agree with Kelly Clarkson that spanking is a good form of discipling your kids?

Posted by ET Canada on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Clarkson justified her decision to spank her daughter, claiming that she was punished similarly to a youngster.

Her parents smacked her, she performed well in life, and she is happy about it, she explained.

Clarkson subsequently said, so when one is out in public, that’s a hard issue because individuals are like, they think that’s terrible or something. But she don’t see anything wrong with a spanking. She is  from the South, therefore they get spanked. If she ever ended up in the principle’s office, her mother would phone the principal and give her permission to slap her. She is a well-rounded person with a lot of personality, so she believe it’s good.

Some readers responded to Clarkson’s statement, with some arguing that spanking is essential.

“I’m a Single mom with 3 sons, one reader said. “I never spanked my children because I instilled in them the value of respect. They’re all in their twenties now. A/B students, athletes, and responsible individuals. Hitting a child teaches them nothing more than that it is OK to strike when angry or irritated.”

“Spanking teaches youngsters that hitting is acceptable!!” another Facebook user commented “When kids go to school, I use my 30 years of expertise dealing with children to help them overcome challenges. It’s difficult to teach youngsters in a different way if this has been the norm.”

While some blamed the Grammy Award-winning singer of child abuse after admitting to hitting her kids, others defended Clarkson’s parenting methods.

Kelly Clarkson on Parenting Her Four Kids

Happy birthday Kelly Clarkson! She tells us about raising four kids, ranging from 16-years-old to 1, and what makes each of them unique. ✨ Watch more here:

Posted by PeopleTV on Monday, April 22, 2019

“Good for her, today’s parents do not discipline their children, which is why there are a lot of entitled brats going around the world who believe they can get away with anything,” another reader said. “There is a fine line between discipline and abuse, and she surely understands that; this is another societal problem.”

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