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Kelly Osbourne Says She’s Gotten Judgment From Family & Friends for Not Breastfeeding

Kelly Osbourne’s kid hasn’t even arrived yet, and she’s already coping with mom shamers. In a new interview, the former reality TV star discussed how her family and friends have criticized her for not breastfeeding her kid when she gives birth later this year.

In an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith, the 37-year-old admitted that an early parenting choice has upset the sensibilities of those close to her. She is expecting her first child with partner Sid Wilson. She opted to continue on her medicine rather than breastfeed, and the criticism that she has gotten from my friends and extended family is insane, Kelly stated.

The Osbournes star has been open about her difficulties with booze and drugs, revealing that she became hooked to heroin as a kid in part owing to her stress and sadness. She now takes medicine to maintain her mental health in check, which is why she is so hesitant to quit.

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Posted by Red Table Talk on Tuesday, 27 September 2022

According to Kelly, others close to her keep making nasty remarks when they hear the news, with some even warning her that if she doesn’t nurse her kid, she’ll “miss out on that bonding phase.” Nevertheless, mom knows best, and Kelly has stated that she will not be discouraged by the opinions of others regarding her own decisions.

While Kelly admits that the remarks about losing out on quality time with her baby-to-be anger her, she can’t change her circumstances.

Though she claims to have thick skin, she has realized that she “can’t pay heed” to other people’s opinions. Rather, she intends to do what is best for herself and her growing family.

Kelly appears to be a natural at being a mother. We’re confident she and Sid will make wonderful parents!

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