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Kelly Osbourne Welcomes Long-Awaited 1st Baby At 38: ‘I Feel Better Than Ever’

Kelly Osbourne has become a mother at the age of 38. She and Sid Wilson had their first child, a boy. Wilson is a member of the rock band Slipknot. She had already given up on love.

The duo has been together for a while, and Osbourne has frequently mentioned her wish to have a kid. Although she was unable to actualize her desire in the past, she has done it today.

Osbourne has had a contentious existence, but insiders close to her claim that the birth of her first kid will usher in a new chapter in her life. She is ecstatic at the thought of being a first-time mother.

She explained that part of being pregnant was recognizing that she would not have the food habits she expected as a pregnant lady.

But, she added that when she did that, she started to comprehend that it would not be good for her to continue that manner as she swiftly gained weight and her feet grew bloated.

She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and needed to drastically alter her diet to be healthy. She stated that she has now eliminated harmful foods and processed sugar from her diet.

This not only let Osbourne deliver her baby safely, but it also made her feel good about herself and her body. She commented about the adjustment, claiming she feels better than she has in a long time.

She was seen out for the first time since giving birth on Tuesday. She went to a baby store and purchased a silver bath tub for her child. The reality star was dressed comfortably.

Osbourne revealed the gender of her kid just days before his birth. She said that her dad had been telling everyone about the gender of the kid, despite her wishes. She did, though, say she couldn’t blame him for being delighted.

Osbourne stated that her dad, Ozzy Osbourne, was overjoyed since it was the family’s first boy, and her dad was planning activities for them to do together. She expressed her excitement as well.

Osbourne stated that her parents were supportive during her pregnancy and assisted her in getting through the hardest moments. She also stated that she will appear in their new reality program in the United Kingdom.

Wilson, she added, was not typically present for pregnancy milestones because he is in a band and they tour, but her father was.

She also said that he will be named Sid after his dad. This was verified when she and her boyfriend were on their way to the hospital for her son’s delivery. According to an insider, she was doing fine on her trip to the hospital.

When Osbourne turned 27 last year, she stated that she was unhappy with the fact that she had not yet married and had no kids. Osbourne stated in an episode of “Red Table Talk” that she was feeling pretty far behind. As a woman, she wished to be married and have kids.

A year later, she has found love and the fulfillment of her desire of bearing kids with Wilson, whom she has known for many years. Wilson and Osbourne first met when Wilson’s band traveled with Osbourne’s dad on Ozzfest in 1999.

Osbourne and Wilson had been family friends for many years, but their relationship was officially revealed in January 2022. On Instagram, Osbourne posted images of herself and Wilson, wishing Wilson a happy 45th birthday.

Soon later, a source close to Osbourne acknowledged their connection and stated that they were “quite happy together.” Osbourne posted a charming carousel of photographs on Instagram on Valentine’s Day.

Wilson also celebrated Valentine’s Day by posting images of the pair on his Instagram page.

Osbourne stated in an episode of “Red Table Talk” that she and Wilson had been pals for 23 years, but something about their friendship changed one day. It was wonderful, she claimed, since he understood her family and embraced her for who she was.

On May 12, 2022, Osbourne announced on Instagram that she was expecting a child. She stated that she had been silent for a time due to her pregnancy, but that she was eager to reveal her pregnancy to the public.

As a new family, we wish Osbourne and Wilson nothing except love, joy, and health.

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