Kelly Ripa Reveals She And Mark Consuelos Have Sex To Solve ‘Almost Every’ Marriage Issue

We adore Kelly Ripa because she enjoys sharing intimate details of her life. The 50-year-old talk show presenter recently spoke up a lot about her marriage on a Live With Kelly and Ryan broadcast. Taking over as a guest host was Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos, whom Kelly sometimes refers to as “Daddy,” and things got a bit heated… in a good way!

The recent HBO series Scenes From a Marriage was the topic of an open discussion between Kelly and Mark. Naturally, since they have been married since 1996, which is almost an eternity in terms of celebrity relationships, they ended up pulling on their own experiences as a marriage.

The humorous presenter revealed that since Mark, dubbed “Daddy,” takes care of things, she and Mark don’t have the kinds of relationship issues seen on the show. She said, however, that they depend on one very crucial element to maintain their connection. And there is a lot of sex in it.

Kelly lovingly praised her spouse for being so involved with domestic matters. She claimed that he just wouldn’t let the fictional show’s happenings fly.

Kelly remarked, she was like, this would never occur in the Mark Consuelos family because he would have stopped all of this in its tracks right away. She certainly does portray her spouse as an amazing caregiver. 

But Kelly went one step farther in her revelations about her spouse. Since Mark has resolved all, all of it is resolved.

Mark added, “Love.”

Kelly quickly corrected him by stating, “Love and sexy time,” though.

Kelly persisted in asserting that they actually kind of do, despite Mark’s efforts to convince the audience otherwise. She said, “Just about practically everything.”

Whatever works!

Although using sex to resolve marital issues isn’t something you’ll find in self-help books, it’s actually a fairly good strategy. Relationships are extremely essential, and having sex may strengthen them. Particularly after a couple has been together for so long, there must be something about having sex assist them become closer that is effective. Kelly and Mark’s sex life is obviously blossoming, therefore it’s obviously working for them.

Why many believe Kelly and Mark to be “relationship goals” is simply beyond debate. They put a lot of effort into their relationship, although in reality, they are just deeply in love. Even their children are aware of the close bond between their parents and how really uncommon it is.

Their eldest son, Michael, expressed that they absolutely are relationship ideals, and it’s odd since he has been with them the longest. He was alluding to the fact that he was their eldest kid. About a year had passed after their wedding, at which point he entered the picture. So, in his opinion at least, they kind of grew up together.

Michael also made fun of Kelly’s frequent sharing of explicit photos of her with Mark. He awkwardly answered when Ryan asked him how he felt after his summer appearance on Kelly and Ryan. His sister, Lola, has been outspoken about her revulsion even though he did state he believed it was okay for his mother to share anything she wanted.

However, it appears that every child knows that a little suffering is a fair price to pay for having parents who are incredibly in love.

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