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Kenyan woman, 21, marries 61-year-old American guy | “When You Love Someone, Age Doesn’t Matter”

Society may have strong feelings about age-gap partnerships, yet Vanessa, 21, is not only in an age-gap marriage, but she and her 61-year-old husband are also an interracial pair. The young woman from Kenya who goes by the handle vannyandbrad on TikTok has over 1.3 million followers and 17 million likes on her videos including her husband Brad.

Vanessa argues that “when one is in love, age doesn’t matter. The Kenyan-American pair has been married for almost a year and just responded to inquiries from their followers on Instagram on Thursday, November 24.

Vanessa and Brad are no strangers to ugly remarks and vitriol on their fast increasing TikTok account, and it appears they have become accustomed to others finding their relationship problematic. However, the 21-year-old lady eventually turned to Instagram to answer the public’s pressing questions.

One of her enquiring fans inquired as to how she met her spouse and whether she had to do anything “extra” to marry and persuade him to take their relationship seriously.

Nothing, Vanessa replied, it simply occurred because they love one another. When one loves someone, age is irrelevant. Love is just love.

Another individual questioned Vanessa if it was tough to tell her family about her 61-year-old boyfriend, to which she replied, it wasn’t difficult, and her family was extremely thrilled to get the news. Nope, it wasn’t difficult, she replied, and her family received it really positively, understanding that she is mature enough to make her own decisions.

The couple’s TikTok comment sections are generally packed with polarized views from netizens who either embrace or criticize her relationship.

TikTok saw the contentious development of yet another interracial coupling with an age gap earlier this year. Quran McCain, 24, is engaged to Cheryl McGregor, 61. Netizens have ruthlessly ridiculed them on the internet, and Cheryl believes she is frequently referred to as McCain’s “great-gran.”

The pair, who have a 37-year age difference, believe they are “in love.” The daring couple not only has a thriving social media presence, but they have also created an OnlyFans account for NSFW stuff. According to the publication, McCain claims that she believes the biggest fallacy is that she is exploiting her or waiting to be included in the will.

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