Kidnapper Tries To Attack 10-Year-Old Girl, Fails To Notice Her ‘Special Friend’

An attempted abduction was apprehended in Woodbridge, Virginia, after an unlikely hero intervened and prevented him. Although the would-be kidnapper had been keeping a careful check on his 10-year-old victim, his intentions were foiled when the girl’s dog sprang from the house and began attacking the kidnapper as he tried to drag her away to his lair.

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The event happened on Heather Glen Court in the 1800 block. The Prince William County Police Department was relieved that the dog was able to frighten away the perverted kidnapper before he was able to take the 10-year-old child into his custody. Who knows what might have occurred if he had gotten his hands on her. Fortunately, that did not happen, and the dog stepped in to save the girl when no one else could.

The individual was identified as weighing around 145 pounds and stood between five and six feet tall. He was described as being in his early twenties, of skinny frame, with short dark hair. He had a beard and was last seen wearing a white striped shirt and light-colored jeans. Witnesses characterized him as a light-skinned black man or as of Latino ancestry.

*INCIDENT: Attempted Abduction | Woodbridge; At approximately 3:50pm, the victim, a 10-year-old girl, was reportedly…

Posted by Prince William County Police Department on Friday, 28 July 2017

When the girl fled from the man’s clutches, she fled back to her residence. Just before 4 p.m., the event happened in broad daylight. The guy grabbed her and grabbed her arm, attempting to bring her into his grasp.

Nevertheless, the dog recognized the man as a threat and raced out to confront him. The dog bit the man, causing him to let go of the girl. Since the dog interfered, the would-be abduction was forced to quit and leave on foot. Since he knew the cops were about to become involved, the man went as far and as fast as he could to avoid discovery.

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The local cops were quick to respond after the 10-year-old girl reported the event. They arrived with a K-9 team and investigated the entire area from top to bottom. They were, however, unable to locate the attempted kidnapper. Since he was never located, he may be on the lookout for more potential victims.

Sgt. Jonathan Perok of the Prince William County Police Department was pleased to tell the tale since the girl was able to flee without injury. Sgt. Perok confessed that if it hadn’t been for the dog, the man might not have freed the child, injuring or perhaps killing her. Fortunately, the dog attack drove the man away from the scene and away from Heather Glen Court, and the girl was unharmed.

What are your thoughts on this dog’s conduct on that fateful day in Virginia?

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