Kind Cashier Grabbed Her Hand And Cried With The Customer.

“Last Friday after my sister had her chemo treatment, we stopped at Kinders for a quick lunch. And God sent this amazing Angel to us! My sister sat outside, dazed, exhausted and ready for a nap. I went back inside to go pay for our food and got to talking to this gentleman who helped take our order.

I shared with him about my sister just finishing chemo. He said God bless her, I said thank you, grabbed our food and headed outside. A few minutes later, I went back inside to get boxes for our food. He stopped me, looked me in my eyes and said “mam, please tell your sister that I just stopped and prayed for her and God has her. She’s going to be ok!” It honestly took my breath away. I believe God sent this man as an Angel to our family. To give us peace all weekend long knowing today would be the day we heard the best news ever!!

I went to Kinders 4 different times today trying to find him and figure out who he is! This you guys, is my new friend Byron. A man God used to touch our lives and hearts in such a beautiful way! I just had to go back in to thank him and share with him that God answered our prayers…his prayer!

He grabbed my hands and cried with me. Right there in the middle of his place of work. He hugged me tight after we officially introduced ourselves and it’s a moment I won’t ever forget in my entire life! He didn’t have to share with me last week that he had prayed. He didn’t have to tell me the things he did. But he did and my heart is so thankful! He showed me that there are still good people in this world. Love always wins. Always. And I thank Jesus for such a special moment I will hold in my heart forever 💜💜💜”

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