Kind Cops Bought Him What He Was Caught Stealing For.

In Roeland Park, Kansas, two police officers offered to help a youngster instead of charge him with a crime after he was caught shoplifting at a Walmart. The boy was trying to steal a pair of work boots from the store. The officers, after questioning the youngster, learned that he was stealing the boots so he could get a job.

The officers who questioned him – Officer Suffield and Officer Snepp – were touched by the youngster’s story, and decided to buy the work boots for him. But they went a step further. They both offered him words of encouragement in getting a job, urged him to finish school and told him he needed to stay out of trouble. The boy had wandered away from a group home where he was staying when he was caught trying to steal the boots. The officers were able to get him back where he belonged, and he cried as he waved goodbye to the kind officers.

Says John Morris, the officers’ chief: “Just another reason why I am so proud of my officers here in Roeland Park. I just smiled when I heard this story a short time ago as it almost made me cry too. Congrats to Officer Suffield and Officer Snepp for making another difference in Roeland Park and for a job well done.” 

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