Kind Passenger Requested Uber Driver To Take A Longer Route To His Home.

Source: Facebook

Faith in humanity restored kind of moment.

I broke down (flat battery) while riding and got this uber ride. My driver goes “Would you like me to jump start your motorbike?” Basically offering to start it so I can go on my merry way. It meant he wouldn’t have made any money but he felt it was the right thing to do.

(Note. Uber rides are 95% down at least for him so he wasn’t making any decent income in the first place and he never received jobkeeper from the gov as a freelancer).

Good thing we didn’t have the tools we needed to start the bike so he took me home – the longest possible route as I requested. (Kind of my little way of helping out).

His name is Robert Ndiritu. I learned he’s from Kenya, been here for 4yrs, studied construction project management, took many casual jobs to get by, finished, then covid hit and couldn’t find a job.

He asked about my story and I said I was writing a book on loneliness and social wellbeing. He said “It’s so hard being by myself here in Australia. Most people just want their privacy and keep to themselves. In Kenya you know everybody so even if life can be tough, we had community.”

I wish we had more time together. We exchanged details and followed each other on social media.

If only UBER can see this post and have a driver of the month, they should give it to him. He’s a kind, honest and hardworking young man.

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