Kind Teacher Gives Her Kidney To Save Student’s Mother.

Donna Hoagland was just filling in for Troy’s fourth-grade teacher in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, while she was off on maternity leave. But now, the two will be linked for life.

After teaching there for awhile, Donna noticed something: Troy, who was usually a fanatic with math, seemed very distracted. Couldn’t even answer BASIC math questions. Something was really bothering him and Donna soon found out what it was. It was his mom… she was very sick. And young Troy worried that she wasn’t going to make it.

So Donna had a talk with Troy’s mom, Anahita. She needed a new kidney. She couldn’t do mommy things with her children and had to be hooked up to a dialysis machine every night.

Says Anahita: “It breaks your heart that you’re the one who is supposed to be taking care of them and they’re the ones taking care of you.”

After talking with Anahita, Donna went to have herself tested to see if she was a match, and, incredibly, she was. And when Donna told Anahita the news, she fell to the ground and started crying. She knew that many people had died while waiting for a donor, and now Donna, her young son’s teacher, was offering her her kidney.

The operation was a complete success, even better than expected. And Donna was happy to do it.

Says Anahita: “The amazing amount of selflessness this woman has is inspiring.” 

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