Kind Woman Spent Hours Talking To An Elderly Man Who Was Alone At The Cafe.

In London, Abigail was walking down the street when she spotted an elderly man sitting all alone in a cafe. So she did something very unusual… she stopped in, walked up to the man and asked if she could join him. And the two sat there for the next two hours exchanging stories.

He had shared with Abigail some amazing war stories, and just before Abigail left, he thanked her for giving him her time, because he had not really talked with someone for many months. Abigail told him she would be happy to meet with him for another conversation next week.

After Abigail posted about the incident on social media, she received many positive comments.

One said: ‘That is so lovely and uplifting. We have so much to learn from them and what they have lived through. He must have really appreciated your time and interest. Bless him.’

Another person wrote: ‘That’s all some people want, just some company and conversation. Well done you.’

And many considered what Abigail had done as a great inspiration, with someone writing: ‘We all should take that mantra, as we all could be that ‘lonely’ person in years to come. Each person should feel valued and noticed. Thank you for reaching out to a stranger who will probably end up being a friend.’ 

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