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King Charles is ‘closer than ever’ to his key confidante Princess Anne

Princess Anne has become an important confidante to Charles III as he adjusts to his new job. She has been a constant in his life, beside his mother, and sources claim they are closer than ever.

They were born barely 21 months apart and grew up as the closest siblings, both of whom were teens by the time their parents’ third child, Prince Andrew, began primary school.

Given the Royal Family’s sheltered surroundings, they naturally formed a particular kinship that went beyond that formed with their younger siblings.

They are known to enjoy each other’s company, since they have a similar sense of humour, a love of the countryside, and a fondness for all things Scottish.

Nonetheless, in maturity, Anne has acknowledged their respective responsibilities as well as her elder brother’s constitutional fate.

In her instance, the typical brother-sister banter has been supported by a quiet respect. Their connection has been equated to that of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, her younger sister.

Now, Charles, like his mom before him, is an inexperienced Monarch in need of a trustworthy ear, someone with whom to discuss secrets – and, ultimately, ask advice.

Neither the King nor his sister would have wanted to be the only siblings there at their mother’s bedside when she died at Balmoral Castle, however it is believed Andrew and Edward, who were traveling in a car driven by Prince William, were unable to arrive in time.

Because Charles and his sister were the only siblings present, they were able to mourn quietly together, further cementing their special bond.

It is uncertain if the King would confer a new title on Anne in addition to Princess Royal, the greatest accolade granted by the Monarch on a female member of the Royal Family.

In 1987, Anne became the eighth Princess Royal. Princess Mary, Charles I’s daughter, was the first to be bestowed the title in 1642.

Despite Anne’s legal title, the facts show she will be as important to King Charles as the Queen and Prince of Wales.

The Princess Royal will follow her mom’s coffin from Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyroodhouse to London tomorrow, indicating her rise in the Royal hierarchy.

The casket will be flown to RAF Northolt before being driven to Buckingham Palace.

She has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most hardworking members of the Royal Family, having 387 official engagements last year, two more than her elder brother.

Both greatly outdid the next most-in-demand Royal, Prince William, who logged 235 hours.

The 72-year-old Princess will be the bulwark supporting King Charles’ intention to reduce the Monarchy, as patron of more than 300 charities and organizations and with upwards of 20,000 formal engagements already under her belt.

There’s also the issue of redistributing Queen Elizabeth’s 600-plus patronages.

These have been handed immediately to King Charles as sovereign, and he must choose which to pass on to senior Royals and which to let expire.

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