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Kylie Jenner insists she hasn’t had ‘much’ plastic surgery done to her face.

The reality star recently spoke with Homme Girls about how she founded her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics, which Forbes estimates is worth roughly USD $1.2 billion (AUD $1.78 billion).

Jenner claimed that her love of cosmetics stemmed from her profound concern over her lips.

But Jenner claims that, contrary to common assumption, she hasn’t changed her look all that much.

She told that she thinks a big misconception about her is that she has had so much surgery on her face and that she is some kind of insecure person, which she really wasn’t.

She admitted that she loves full lips and wished she had them when she was younger, but she was always the most confident person in the room.

She was the girl who did everything for everyone.

She had a lip insecurity, so she got lip filler, and it was the best thing she’d ever done. She has no regrets. But she has always believed she was attractive.

Jenner also said that she is attempting to appreciate her “natural beauty.”

She said that she believes that less is more. She has really nailed her complete look; it’s still the same appearance, but it’s a lot less. She is simply embracing her natural beauty, freckles, and bushy brows.

The 25-year-old also disclosed whether she planned to have additional children in the near future.

However, when reporter Nicolaia Rips asked her ‘how many’ she intends to have, the beauty entrepreneur replied she didn’t know.

Jenner has recently made news due to rumors that she is dating Timothée Chalamet.

According to an insider, the two were at Coachella together but were not ready to make their romance public.

While the insider did not specify how the two met, they did say, Timothée is also friends with Kendall [Jenner, Kylie’s sister], so it’s been easy for Kylie to integrate him into her life.

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