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Legoland pays tribute to the Queen by flying the flags at half-mast on its Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle models

Legoland Windsor showed respect to the Queen with half-masted flags and mourners leaving flowers at its Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace exhibits.

Smaller elements, such as a notification proclaiming the death of the British monarch on the gates of Buckingham Palace, were also included.

The theme park was closed for a day following the announcement of Her Majesty’s death at the age of 96, but it has since resumed.

The park is located in Windsor, which is also where the Queen lives. People in the region have become accustomed to seeing her at the Great Park there over the years.

Legoland’s homage to the late Queen Elizabeth II is making her a little sad, remarked TikTok user and mom Aamina Zafar-Tariq.

It was replete with a carpet of flowers, a notification of her death on the palace gates, and flags flying half-mast above Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.

Her TikTok video of the miniatures has received over 185,000 views.

@aaminatz Legoland’s tribute to our late Queen Elizabeth II is making me a little emotional- complete with the carpet of flowers, notice of her death on palace gates and flags flying at half mast over Windsor Castle & Buckingham Palace #windsorcastle #buckhouse #Buckinghampalace #kingcharles #royalfamily #miniland #legohouse #lego #londonlandmarks #londonarchitecture #londonskyline #floraltribute #legosculpture #berkshire #palace #harryandmeghan #williamandkate ♬ God Save the Queen – U.K – Ian Post

Flags are flown at half mast at the real-life counterparts of the Castle and Palace, and many mourners have left flowers and condolences to Her Majesty, who was revered by her subjects.

Many tributes have been relocated to Green Park to be preserved, where rows of flowers are building up on a daily basis.

The park outside Buckingham Palace reveals amazing sights of community solidarity, with continuous lines of flowers, tributes, cuddly toys, candles, and cards covering the verdant grass and pathways, with Royal Park personnel spotted walking to and from their trucks to continue setting down bouquets.

People from the public who have visited Green Park to both enjoy the ambiance and pay tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II have begun to assist the gardeners by eliminating the plastic wrap off bouquets of flowers, making the subsequent task of converting them into compost much simpler.

The late monarch’s casket is being transported by road to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, a 175-mile journey by hearse. Her daughter, Anne, Princess Royal, is accompanying her.

Those paying their respects in Green Park may have caught a sight of the new King when he was taken into Buckingham Palace early this afternoon, waving to fans before his audiences today.

Multitudes of well-wishers greeted a tearful King Charles III as he showed up at Buckingham Palace, where he will meet Commonwealth general secretary Patricia Scotland – while his mother, the Queen, started her six-hour journey from Balmoral to Edinburgh.

Crowds lined The Mall, including youngsters sitting on their parents’ shoulders, clapping and waving as the king was driven past the Palace gates, escorted by a convoy of four automobiles and four police motorbikes.

After her doctor’s health worries were made public on September 8, members of the public have flocked to the royal palace to express their condolences – and the number has only increased since the Queen’s death was confirmed at 6.30pm on Thursday.

In the days following her death, tens of thousands of flowers have been left for Her Majesty, with many people in tears at the sight of what’s in front of them.

Palace gardeners have begun taking flower bouquets from the gates and relocating them to Green Park to create room for the people to continue to get as near to the King’s new residence as possible as the nation mourns the Queen’s death at the age of 96.

Members of the public have been seen assisting with the arrangement and preparation of flowers for exhibition in Green Park as a result of the great number of flowers put for the Queen following her death.

This weekend, many young families visited Buckingham Palace, with parents taking advantage of the chance to exhibit their kids in such a significant event in history.

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