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Libraries Tried Keeping Kirk Cameron And His Christian Book Out But He Fought Back.

Growing Pains, a famous 1980s TV show, made Kirk Cameron famous for his role as Mike Seaver. Kirk may now add “published novelist” to his list of accomplishments, in addition to “actor.”

Kirk alleged that while on a book tour to promote his new book “As You Grow,” certain libraries around the nation were not very hospitable to him or his book. Kirk announced that he intended to perform a story hour in libraries around the nation to promote and read his book.

Kirk emphasized in the interview that his book is about biblical knowledge and the fruit of the spirit.

Other libraries in the nation, though, told the actor no. In fact, almost 50 of them turned down his offer to host a story hour at their location. The actor stated that their reluctance came despite past occasions in which drag queens read to youngsters.

Kirk indicated in a public letter that he had threatened several of those libraries with legal action. Kirk said in the letter that “we have constitutional rights” that he will assert in court.

The actor also stated that during story hour in Indianapolis, a record number of people turned out to hear him.

This book reading drew more people than any previous event in the library’s 137-year existence, he remarked.

Around 1,000 people attended Kirk’s faith-based book reading at the Indianapolis Public Library.

The Growing Pains star was overjoyed by the turnout at the Indianapolis library.

In Indianapolis yesterday, a brushfire of religion, family, and freedom was sparked, he added. It has now been relocated to Scarsdale, New York, and is traveling uncontained across the nation. He is overjoyed.

Kirk mentions another library later in the conversation. His story hour was not listed on the schedule of this Scarsdale, New York, library.

They are in a struggle for the hearts and minds of their kids, the actor said.

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