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Lisa Marie Presley’s divorce from Michael Lockwood was beyond nasty.

Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce from Michael Lockwood in 2016 after a decade of marriage, according to the Associated Press, and a years-long court struggle started, which only became nastier. While Presley suspected her ex of everything from theft “millions” to sexual misconduct, asserting he had “disturbing pictures” of their twin daughters, Lockwood accused Presley of being “paranoid and hallucinatory,” taking up to 80 opiate pills a day, and using their children as “bait” to defame him. Furthermore, Presley was ordered to pay Lockwood’s $100,000 legal expenses in February 2018. By December 2019, he has been ordered to pay her $140,000 legal expenses.

Money was a big source of dispute for the ex-couple, with Lockwood claiming that he didn’t fully comprehend the couple’s 2017 postnuptial agreement (in which they agreed to keep their assets separate) when he signed it. However, in August 2018, a court decided that the postnuptial agreement was lawful, and Lockwood appeared to shift his focus to the custody of their twin daughters. Lockwood filed a move for exclusive custody in July 2020, shortly after Benjamin Keough’s death, alleging he was concerned Lisa Marie might relapse and threaten the safety of the kids.

It wasn’t until May 2021, about five years after they divorced, that US Weekly declared their divorce was final. They have yet to resolve issues like child support, financial disclosures, claimed property theft, and attorneys’ fees and charges.

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