Little Boy Sells Painting For Food And Supplies For Animal Shelter.

Children can make a huge difference in things. And some can use their incredible talents to make that difference. Take Pavel Abramov of Russia, for instance. He’s only 9 years old but he’s an incredibly talented artist. He also has a deep love for animals. So lately, he’s combined those two things to do something very special.

Pavel paints beautiful portraits of animals… cats, dogs and such, and he sells them. But he doesn’t pocket any of the money he makes. He donates it to a local animal shelter. He will also exchange his paintings for pet food and supplies. This undertaking by Pavel is called “Kind Paintbrushes.”

He and his mom started it after Pavel’s pet, Barsik, passed away. After that, the family just couldn’t bear to see a stray animal without feeling extreme sadness. Pavel wanted to put his immense talent to a great use by helping as many stray animals as possible. And that’s when it all started.

Aside from that, Pavel and his mom have a social media site called “What a little volunteer is capable of,” which showcases young people who are changing the landscape of the world. They are hoping it will inspire many others.

As far as Pavel’s talent goes, he looks for pet owners who are willing to donate pet food and other supplies in exchange for painting their pets on a canvas. And he loves it when the pet owners tell him how they came about having the pet they have, especially if they have rescue stories to share.

Pavel’s great talent has been shared around the globe through social media, and more and more contact him for personal projects.

Says his mom, Ekaterina: “Our family is proud of his wonderful project. His days are scheduled to minutes, he wants to do absolutely everything, there is just not enough time.”

But the time Pavel DOES have, he certainly puts to good use.

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