Little boy who survived Texas school shooting reveals gunman’s chilling warning

A fourth-grade who sustained the mass shooting at his Texas elementary school revealed the horrific scene when juvenile gunman Salvador Ramos rushed into his classroom and offered a frightening threat to pupils.

‘He walked in and squatted a little bit and said, ‘It’s time to die,’ claimed the nameless Robb Elementary School student on Wednesday.

The little boy explained that when he heard the gunfire through the door, he urged his friend to hide behind something so the shooter wouldn’t find them. He was trying to stay hidden. And he was asking his pal not to speak since he would hear them.

While Ramos, 18, began firing in the classroom, killing 19 pupils and two instructors, the small kid and four others sheltered behind a cloth-covered table. Seventeen additional people were hurt.

Officials aren’t sure why the teen chose the school. He had no prior criminal record and no recognized mental issues.

Before going on his murdering rampage, he got into an argument with his grandma over who would pay the phone bill, according to law enforcement sources. They do, however, stress that the evidence is preliminary and are unsure whether the argument was the catalyst for the slaughter.

Ramos, according to the fourth grader, rushed into their classroom after firing at another door in the school.

The little boy stated, he shot the individual next to him. They have a door in the center. He unlocked it, claiming that Ramos then threatened the pupils with death.

He and four others took refuge beneath a table, which some analysts think saved their lives by shielding them from Ramos’ gaze.

The boy explained, when the cops arrived, the cop remarked, ‘Yell if you need help!’ And one of his classmates said, ‘Help.’ He overheard and came in and shot her..

A policeman stormed into that classroom. The suspect fired a shot at the officer and the police began firing. They stayed hiding, according to the youngster, until the firing stopped.

He explained he just pulled back the curtain and he simply held out his hand. He went out with a pal. He realized it was the cops. He saw the armor and shield.

He also claimed that his instructors, Irma Garcia, 46, and Eva Mireles, 44, died to defend their children.

He described his professors as “kind.” They went ahead of his classmates to assist him in order to save them.

The youngster also cautioned other American families, stating he would like to urge every child and adult to be cautious.

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