Little Girl Comment About The Birthday Girl Got The Whole Restaurant To Tears.

“So at my daughter’s birthday dinner a little girl about 3-4 yrs old saw my daughter walk in the restaurant. While we are all just enjoying the moment the little girl runs down to where my daughter was, looks and smiles real big then runs back to her mom and dad.

Shortly after, the daughter come back being carried by her dad and her head is buried in his neck. The dad taps my daughter on the shoulder and says, ‘My daughter thinks you are a real princess and wants to give you a hug.’ ☺👑. My daughter say yes and the little girl gives her the biggest hug. This brought the room to tears and cheers. They take a couple of pics and the little girls waves goodbye with her parents.

That little girl saw just a “princess” not a black one or white one but simply a princess. Kids don’t have hate in them; they are taught it.”

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