Little Girl Saved Her Pocket Money To Buy Gifts For The Sick Children.

Maisie Hymers is not your regular run-of-the-mill 8-year-old girl. Not even close. Maisie saved up all the money and allowance she earned through the year to buy Christmas presents for children who were sick and in the hospital. And she even bought batteries for those toys that required them.

Through the year, Maisie managed to save up about 400 pounds to buy 50 gifts. Those gifts included teddy bears, board games and coloring books. And all of them went to the sick children at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, England. Maisie knows all too well what it’s like to be in the hospital.

Says the young girl: ‘I broke my arm last year and I was in hospital for a bit. Then I thought the children who are in hospital won’t get presents and I decided to save my pocket money to buy them things. I have got board games, teddy bears and toys. I’m very pleased with how much I saved…’

Says Tracy Morgan, who works with the hospital: ‘What Maisie has done is so inspirational – it’s amazing. ‘This donation will make a massive difference to all the children on the ward over Christmas and we would like to say thank you.’ In all honesty, this eight-year-old probably has more Christmas spirit than the rest of us put together.” 

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