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Little Girl’s Brain Tumor Miraculously Disappears, Parents Say ‘God Healed’ Her.

Roxli Doss, just 11 years was detected with an inoperable brain cancer at the base of her spine. But then on one fine day an MRI image showed it had totally vanished and doctors can’t describe why. It makes us believe that wonders do happen!

A fortunate family from Hays County, Texas has expressed gratitude to the almighty God after their daughter’s rare and inoperable brain cancer disappeared for reasons that even doctors are unable to explain.

Needless to say, 11-year-old Roxli Doss’s stance was bleak when she was detected with DIPG (Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma), a brain cancer at the base of the brain that is highly aggressive and difficult to treat. 

As per the medical experts, DIPG is a shattering disease that declines the ability to swallow and ability to talk and ultimately trouble with breathing and occasionally vision damage. This cancer is considered as incurable and there is no treatment.

According to Scott, Roxli’s father, this was the most horrible news ever expected by the family. 

Subsequently, Roxli undertook 11 weeks of radiation treatment to fight the cancer and her family raised money through crowed funding to help cover the costs of the medical bills.

The family knew there was a chance they could lose their daughter to cancer, so Roxli’s parents begged the almighty God. Praying to the almighty was the only option left with them and they prayed for a miracle to happen that could save their darling princess.

Whatever occurred next has left doctors baffled. An MRI scan discovered that Roxli was cancer-free and the tumor has completely vanished and untraceable. A doctor confirmed while looking at the MRI image that it was actually unbelievable and unusual.

Roxli’s parents are convinced that God had a helping hand in ridding their daughter of this terrible disease. According to them it was just a wonder and they conveyed their feeling on social media that Jesus is using precious Roxli as a source for his mighty power.

Roxli is now undertaking preventative cures to help the body combat cancer and to ensure that all cancer cells are destroyed from her brain. Her doctor said that they will carry on screening her on a consistent basis along with the pleasure of rejoicing in her recovery.

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