Little House On The Prairie’s Karen Grassle Says Michael Landon Was A Drunk, Sexist Bully

Karen Grassle, who portrayed Ma on the hit 1970s sitcom Little House on the Prairie, released a memoir in 2021. She discusses her thoughts on set in it. She reveals a lot of unflattering facts about Michael Landon, who played her co-star on the programme.

On TV, the two played a great marriage with the perfect family. Karen, on the other hand, claims that working with Michael was a misery. She described him as a nasty drunk who accosted ladies and made crude remarks about them.

She confessed that during the day, Mike drank a lot. They never realized who would show up at the beauty table in the morning.

While Karen claims there was no such thing as “sexual harassment” back then, it’s clearly evident that’s exactly what he was doing. She even said that filming sequences in which the two were in bed together was a huge hassle.

She explained, while they were sitting there, he began telling these dirty jokes about female anatomy. And it was encircled by males who were cracking up at these jokes. That was clearly inappropriate.

Michael wasn’t merely Karen’s coworker on the programme. He also served as an executive producer. Karen would not have had much leeway to speak out about concerns on the set in the 1970s, particularly since her own employer was the one giving her distress.

Nevertheless, Karen has spoken her truth, even though she is aware that not all will be pleased with her sharing her story. She explained, she is  if folks are unhappy. However, she had to convey her tale.

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