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LL Cool J Turns 55 – He Did Not ‘Abandon’ His Wife, Became Her ‘Rock’ And They Put ‘God First’

Today is the 55th birthday of rapper and “NCIS” actor James Todd Smith, also known professionally as LL Cool J. The rapper is likely celebrating with his family, most likely with his lovely wife, Simone Smith, on his arm.

LL Cool J and Simone’s love story has been quite the one during the years they’ve been together. They’ve witnessed the ups and downs of life while sticking by each other’s sides, and they can brag that they have one of Hollywood’s most durable partnerships.

When LL Cool J was only 19, he met Simone through one of his pals. The actor said that a buddy had volunteered to connect him to his cousin, and LL Cool J stopped before agreeing. When he first met her, his attitude changed instantaneously, and they began dating soon after.

The couple dated for eight years until LL Cool J decided to marry in 1995. Simone and her husband celebrated their wedding and settled into their new life together, and they have been happily married for 28 years. According to Simone, compromise and a common faith kept them together.

Although their many happy years together, Simone and LL Cool J have also been through some difficult times. When his wife was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, in 2004, LL Cool J stepped in and took care of her. She needs positive energy, he told her visitors, explaining why they shouldn’t weep.

He was prepared to go to great lengths for his beloved Simone. When physicians informed them that Simone’s tibia bone would need to be replaced with her left fibula, LL Cool J volunteered to give her his fibula rather. Healing required time and effort in the years after Simone’s procedure. Nevertheless, her spouse remained faithful to her. He made the following remark that one doesn’t leave someone in a fox hole. One has to be in that fox hole with them.

Simone healed greatly after progressively learning to walk again over a few years. She has also been cancer-free since then. Throughout the process, she referred to her hubby as her “rock,” particularly because he put his budding music career on wait for her.

Najee Smith, 33, Italia Smith, 31, Samaria Smith, 27, and Nina Simone Smith, 22, are Simone and LL Cool J’s four children. LL Cool J takes pleasure in being a good dad who devotes time and attention to his kids. He also stated that parents should always be prepared to make sacrifices for their kids.

Nevertheless, the dad of four has stated that he will not raise spoilt kids. He wishes them to be happy, but he also wishes them to be self-sufficient and useful members of society. He pushed his children to push themselves to the edges of their skills, yet he was always there to assist them when they needed it.

LL Cool J is a compassionate, committed spouse and an attentive dad who strives to set an example and help his children in every way he can. He stated that he desires his children to believe in themselves and to have goals to strive towards.

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