Loving Cat Adopts Orphaned Kitten.

Aspen is a young, mother cat that was found on the streets of Texas in April with her 2 newborn kittens. Little did she know that her family was about to get much, much larger.

Aspen and her babies were taken in by the owners of Parker Paws. But soon after Aspen got there, the owners received a request from Koby Wegge, the founder of the Sycamore Tree Ranch farm sanctuary. Koby said she had four kittens that were Not being nursed by their biological mom, so she was hoping to find a foster mom for them.

Well, of course, there was Aspen. Just so happens that Aspen was already nursing an orphaned kitten along with her own, so, hey, what’s another four mouths to feed. Aspen was then moved to Koby’s ranch sanctuary. And Aspen was more than happy to love and feed them.

Then, the owners at Parker Paws called Koby and said they had Another orphaned kitten. So it was taken to the ranch sanctuary and Aspen took it in as well.

Says Koby: “So now, she has eight babies from four different litters. She is the best mama to them and is so proud of her kittens.”

So Koby’s young daughter LOVES all the kittens and Aspen.

Added Koby: “My daughter loves all the animals on the farm, but when she discovered the kittens she was so excited. She’ll sit with them and Mama cat will walk right over and sit in her lap. It’s like she wants to adopt any child there is. She has such a mother’s heart.”

And, yes, Aspen could not be any happier. 

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