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Lucas Black on NCIS Was at the Height of His Hollywood Career When He Gave It All up for God.

Actor Lucas Black from NCIS: New Orleans was thriving until God called him to quit Hollywood. He’d even been in a number of films, including the famed Fast And Furious franchise. Then the Holy Spirit rebuked him, and the Christian star made the courageous choice to prioritize his religion!

Lucas spent the most of his life performing, beginning at the age of 14 in the 1996 Oscar-winning film Sling Blade, alongside Billy Bob Thornton. And by the time Lucas Black joined NCIS: New Orleans as Special Agent Christopher LaSalle, one of the show’s primary protagonists, he was at the peak of his profession.

But then Lucas found something much more valuable than fame and fortune: Jesus!

Lucas Black was born into a Christian environment and attended church every Sunday, but he moved away from his beliefs as he got older. But, after falling in love and establishing a family, he started to reconsider the importance of religion in his life.

Despite his performances in films and on television, which undoubtedly provided a wonderful life for his spouse and kids, there are certain things that money cannot purchase. Yet after becoming a parent, this actor started to seek something more meaningful than worldly achievement.

Lucas Black had turned to the Bible by the time he and his wife had their third child in 2015. That’s when he sensed God directing him on a new path.

The Holy Spirit convicted him in 2015, Lucas recounted. In fact, his faith and connection with the Lord became much stronger. That was when he became a parent for the first time. Therefore, he was determined to steer his children in the proper direction.

Yet as Lucas Black’s connection with Christ became stronger, his tenure on NCIS: New Orleans became more of a hardship than a gift.

Special Agent Christopher Lasalle, you will be missed! Much love and best wishes to Lucas Black. — Stream the latest episode here:

Posted by NCIS New Orleans on Tuesday, 5 November 2019

He added that he realized he had to remain solid and strong in his views if he was going to survive and actually hold his family together. It was truly when, some people would say in 2015, he rededicated his life to the Lord, pursuing Him and getting serious about his connection with Him.

Lucas saw God’s call to reorder his priorities. It indicated that it was time to make a difficult decision — one that the rest of the world was unlikely to comprehend.

Lucas’ hard work schedule was not only taking away from his time with God, but it was also taking away from his time with his wife and children. And, although many people would be prepared to give up family time for a bigger wage, Lucas couldn’t deny the convictions in his heart from his Heavenly Father.

Therefore, at the peak of his Hollywood career, he made the bold choice to take a leap of faith!

Lucas Black made his last appearance on NCIS: New Orleans in 2019. He chose to move away from Hollywood and take a vacation from acting.

Throughout the years, the show has been so nice to him, surpassing his hopes and aspirations, he remarked. But this work isn’t simple for him; there are many things in his life that are sacrificed for him to be here, but it’s time for him to concentrate on those priorities.

Lucas recognized it was time to devote his time with his family and with his Heavenly Father.

Lucas Black and his wife Maggie O’Brien prayed about their future steps after leaving NCIS.

They were wondering what the next move would be, Lucas said. Here in America, they experienced a major cultural change, and for a long time, movies coming out of Hollywood and in entertainment damaged the paternal position.

God faithfully answered Lucas’ plea. Lucas Black met Pastor Eric Ludy at a homeschooling conference. Pastor Ludy informed Lucas about the screenplay for Legacy Peak, a faith-based film.

Legacy Peak, a Pure Flix original film, follows Jason, a guy who is dating a lady who already has 2 kids. Jason is aiming to win the hearts of the children of the lady he plans to marry. He takes the kids on a “perfectly planned trip” that goes astray, sending them on an unexpected adventure in which they struggle to survive in the woods.

Both Lucas Black and his wife realized after reading the screenplay that this was God’s answer to their prayers.

He read it, and his wife read it, and she came to him with tears in her eyes and said, she don’t see why he wouldn’t be a part of this project, he said. It’s one that shines a positive light on dads. It emphasizes the importance of having a decent earthly father. It demonstrates how we might receive satisfaction and love from our Heavenly Father, and it is one that will strengthen the nuclear family, particularly dads.

Both the writing and Jason’s character spoke to Lucas’ heart and his desire to be a good parent.

One component of this narrative that has altered his view is that as a parent, one desires to be flexible with one’s children. It doesn’t have to be this way, he said. He recognizes that he is not in charge; God is. He has to believe Him that his children will make mistakes, no matter how much he loves, educates, and disciplines them. Yet, in the end, he has to believe that they are in the hands of his heavenly Father.

Lucas Black shares about the Biblical themes in "Legacy Peak"

If Lucas Black led a Bible study, we'd be the first to sign up! 💙

Posted by Pure Flix on Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Although Lucas Black deserves recognition for his accomplishments in Hollywood and on NCIS: New Orleans, watching him now utilize his talents to glorify God and fulfill the Father’s desire for him is absolutely inspirational!

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