Man beats baby nearly to death – but baby refuses to give up even when life support is removed

Some occurrences are so horrific that it’s difficult to believe them. No one expected this infant to survive after his uncle battered him. 

Bobby Webber was born as a healthy child. His parents were overjoyed. All they wanted was a child that they could nurture nicely. When the parents got hitched and went on their honeymoon, they decided to leave the kid with his aunt and uncle. They were mistaken.

Andrew Nolan had appeared to be a totally normal individual up until that point. He’d known the Webbers’ family for 12 years and had later had a long-term relationship with Bobby’s aunt. However, for some reason unexplained, Andrew chose to brutally beat his baby nephew.

Bobby’s aunt took Bobby’s elder sister to the movies, and it all began from there. While Bobby and Andrew were alone, Andrew began hurting the kid. Bobby had suffered skull fractures, intense shaking that caused blood to pool in his eye, cracked spinal vertebrae, damaged genitals, and bite marks all over his body by the time Bobby’s aunt returned. Bobby’s aunt intervened to prevent Andrew from assaulting the baby and took the child to the hospital. The infant quickly needed to be connected up to life support equipment.

The baby’s parents, Barry and Elise Webber, hurried home from their honeymoon. When parents saw their kid in such bad shape, they were heartbroken. But then things worsened. The physicians informed the parents that the infant had a slim chance of survival. They advised turning off the baby’s life support equipment. The choice was the most difficult thing the parents had ever had to make. They finally decided to go with the doctor’s advice. They instructed them to turn off the life support system.

Bobby, however, continued to breathe despite the doctor’s predictions. The infant did not die that day. Instead, he’d ultimately awaken. Although it was a miracle, the infant suffered some lasting harm. Bobby still suffers catastrophic brain injury, quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and total blindness in one eye.

Andrew Nolan jailed

Bobby Webber: "He doesn't get to walk freely" – Elise Webber – Mother More – Family statement Andrew Nolan pleaded guilty earlier this year to causing grievous bodily harm to baby Bobby Webber, whose parents were on their honeymoon when he was beaten in September 2014. #BobbyWebber #7News

Posted by 7NEWS Sydney on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bobby, on the other hand, gradually gained greater freedom throughout the years. The infant developed into a boisterous toddler. Bobby was eventually toilet trained. He also had epilepsy at first, but it went into remission. These are incredible accomplishments for someone who doctors feared would not live without life support.

Andrew will subsequently stand trial for his heinous deeds. He pled guilty to causing such awful injury to the kid. The court first condemned him to eight and a half years in jail. However, following an appeal, the sentence was enhanced to 11 and a half years in jail. This punishment, however, will not undo the harm that Andrew has done on Bobby.

Bobby’s parents are overjoyed that their son has made a full recovery. They are astounded that he has accomplished so many feats that the doctors believed were impossible. Eliser Webber expressed that  Bobby’s accomplishments continue to astound her. 

Ideally, owing to medical innovation and Bobby’s tenacity, the youngster will be able to return to his normal self one day. Bobby is, without a doubt, a miraculous child.

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