Man bravely dives 25 feet off a bridge to save toddler thrown from car in multi-vehicle crash

When Jonathan Bauer opted to take the longer but more picturesque way home from work with his 13-year-old daughter, he had no idea what was in store for him and the heroic part he would play in it all.

However, when he crossed the Assawoman Bay bridge in Ocean City, Maryland, he was engaged in a multi-vehicle incident.

Bauer said at a press briefing that the first thing he remembered hearing was tires screeching. Then he noticed the truck wobbling back and forth, as if someone was losing control and attempting to adjust.

Bauer then observed the truck collide with a hindrance and flip halfway over the rail.

He attempted to steer out of the path but was still hit, prompting his car’s windows to shatter and his daughter to be showered with glass.

After checking on his daughter, who was unexpectedly unharmed, he noticed the truck driver attempting to exit his vehicle, but gravity kept pulling his door shut.

By the time Bauer arrived, he’d managed to free himself, and the driver pointed into the water approximately 20-25 feet below without uttering anything.

Bauer explained that the driver simply pointed down to the water, and when Bauer glanced over, he saw the car seat, and then there was a small girl about six feet away from the car seat.

She was floating on her back, head totally out of the water, arms moving, legs kicking, and wearing a small pink outfit. He glanced around for boats but saw none, which is when he observed the girl had rolled over and was now face down in the sea.

Bauer realized he had to act quickly, so he told his daughter to wait in the van and get a first responder while he went into the river to save the youngster.

His daughter sobbed as she described her father’s jump into the river as the “scariest moment of her life.”

Good Samaritan, daughter recount saving infant's life

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: One week ago, Jonathan Bauer told the story of his life-saving efforts when he jumped off a bridge to save an infant who had been thrown into Assawoman Bay during a car crash. EMOTIONAL VIDEO:

Posted by 7News DC on Friday, May 14, 2021

Bauer leapt feet first into the shallow water, oblivious to the dangers of such a leap.

He then swam up to the small girl, grabbed her out of the water, and placed her high on his shoulder, violently rubbing her on the back till she coughed up water.

Fortunately, a boat came to transport the couple to land.

Wendy, his wife, was obviously moved as she described how proud she was of her husband while also being astonished that he jumped given his fear of heights.

His daughter continued he would never, ever ride the Ferris wheel with her.

According to reports, eight individuals were brought to local hospitals that day, and a 2-year-old child was transferred to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore after the collision, which blocked the bridge for six hours.

Jonathan stated that he wanted to go public to thank the emergency personnel that responded to the situation.

Mayor Rick Meehan designated Bauer, Ava, and his wife as honorary members of the EMS. Bauer was also honored with a plaque for his valiant efforts.

Meehan expressed that Jonathan is genuinely a modest hero, and that’s what makes this even more remarkable than it was. Today is a day of thanks. This was a horrible accident. The narrative concludes with everyone being OK, and they are fine because of everyone in this room.

We have no idea how we would respond in such a circumstance. I can’t fathom how terrible it must have been to leap from that bridge, but Jonathan knew he had no alternative if he was going to save the girl; he is a genuine hero. A hero with a cape.

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