Man brutally slaps elderly mother-in-law in astonishingly cruel video

A guy is severely assaulting an elderly woman in a Facebook post from last Tuesday. According to what we can tell from the footage, the man is requesting the elderly woman to return to her bed.

The old grandmother, afraid of the guy, is violently smacked. According to a Facebook post by a Malaysian woman named Yee Fah Lee, the elderly woman is the man’s mother-in-law. In her message, she asks that people share the video widely in order to garner enough media attention and, ultimately, save the woman.

Here is the video she posted. 

Lee’s message received over 1,74,000 shares on social media. Lizma Dori, a lady from Pakistan’s Lahore, posted the same video from her profile, and her post went viral, garnering over 2,30,000 shares.

However, there have been no reports of the individual being charged with this heinous crime.

A middle-aged lady was captured on tape violently hitting an elderly woman in a similar scenario. The video, which was captured by neighbors, quickly went popular on social media and was even covered by news outlets, putting pressure on officials to take action against the nasty woman.

The video is below:

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