Man Details What Happened When His Wife Became His Husband And Their Daughter Became A Son

Sammy and Miles met in college and fell madly in love almost instantly. After they wedded and had a kid, Sammy confided in Miles about something massive: Sammy was ready to switch.

Sammy now defines as transmasculine and nonbinary and has been on hormone therapy for at least a year. Miles has always backed Sammy, and now the couple is encouraging their kid, Hazel, who was born female but now identifies to himself as male.

Miles stated unequivocally that Sammy is the one for him. “He’s an entirely different guy,” he says, “yet I fell in love with him as him, not how he appeared.”

The couple has also received a lot of support from their pals in St. Cloud, Minnesota, although they have unfortunately lost contact with a few family members.

Sammy claims that they are merely allowing their kid, Hazel, to explore and discover himself. He elaborates, “I haven’t put any of my own feelings onto Hazel. What I’ve done is set a good example of a role model.”

In the video, you may learn more about this happy family of 3!

My Wife Is Now My Husband & My Daughter Is Now My Son 🌈

My wife is now my husband & my daughter is now my son 🌈

Posted by Love Don't Judge on Tuesday, 21 December 2021

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