Man Dies After Jumping Into Frozen Pond To Save His Granddaughter.

On a Saturday morning near Charleston, Ma’Lyiah White 10, and Bailey Croy 8, two sisters were out walking their six dogs. When suddenly two puppies got loose and the older girl ran on to the frozen pond to get them.

When Ma’Lyiah fell in the ice cold water, the girls were close to home so their screams for help could be heard. Carlos Serafin, 31, a former restaurant manager and stay-at-home dad jumped to the pond to save his granddaughter.

Bill Croy said that Serafin didn’t think twice while saving his granddaughter’s life. They were the legal guardians of the girls who are the biological kids of Croy’s oldest adopted daughter.

The family tried to use a long dog leash to throw to Serafin but in vain. The family called 911. Rescuers with the Lincoln Fire Protection District and Charleston Fire Department pulled the girl and the man out and quickly took them to the hospital.

The girl is in serious condition and the man died. In this ice break the family also lost one of the family dogs too. Charleston Fire Chief Steve Bennett stated that a frozen pond poses life threatening danger that can easily crack. Just simply seeing it thick is not enough. He has a good rule of thumb that if it’s less than four inches then must stay out off it.

Amanda Beals, Croy’s sister and the girl’s great aunt, expressed that Carlos was very spontaneous in life. It showed until his last breath. He didn’t care what the world thinks. He just wanted to take care of others.

God bless his kind soul. Praying for healing and peace for the family.

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