Man Faces 120 Yrs In Prison For Raping And Impregnating Child, Judge Doesn’t Stop Him From Being Released On Bail.

Raymond Earl Rogers, 42, was arrested in Riesel, Texas, on suspicion of trafficking a child for transporting a young girl between locations for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities. In McLennan County, he initially faced just one count for his offenses. Yet, when officials dug further, they discovered that Rogers was concealing other dark truths.

Rogers had a “connection” with the 14-year-old girl and had participated in sexual intercourse with her more than 65 times over many months. Rogers had driven the youngster to and from Riesel and Axtell, having intercourse with her at his house or in his pickup vehicle. Of course, his deeds did not stop there.

Child sex trafficking has become a prominent issue of concern because of social media. Movements have been established across the world to combat this multibillion-dollar business, resulting in the rescue of many kids from their abusers.

Although there is a need to prevent human trafficking on a global scale, it is easy to forget that pedophiles may be found anywhere at any time. While one’s area may be remote from all sex offenders, technology allows sexual predators immediate access to one’s children in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home.

Raymond Earl Rogers and the girl exchanged text messages, which showed that she was pregnant. However, the woman is thought to have miscarried, as shown by private texts on a mobile phone Rogers had bought for her. It was also revealed that the middle-aged guy had bought an “engagement-style” ring and given it to the girl, ostensibly to indicate their intention to marry.

Upon the discovery of his heinous crimes, Rogers’ charge was increased to five counts of sexual assault on a child and one case of indecency with a minor via touch. Incredibly, he refused to remain in jail. Rogers was released on bail after admitting his crimes and pleading guilty to all six charges of child sexual assault.

For each of the six felony counts, Rogers faced up to 20 years in jail. Rogers unjustly sought probation in order to escape a possible sentence of 120 years in prison, allowing him to stay free even as a convicted sex offender.

Rogers’ proposal for no prison time disturbed the prosecution, which pledged to fight such a punishment. Yet, there is no certainty that Rogers will serve a significant jail term, since a guilty plea sometimes precedes a plea agreement.

Rogers most certainly anticipated that his request for probation would be denied and used the plea to negotiate a settlement that allowed him to serve all of his charges consecutively. Even if he got the maximum sentence, he would be out of jail after only 20 years.

Rogers preyed on the weakness and naiveté of a youngster almost three decades his junior. He betrayed her trust, feelings, and body, and he should spend the rest of his life in prison. Regrettably, the system permits predators like him to evade punishment even when a heavy sentence is possible.

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