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Man finds car crash victim on highway, takes full advantage of her ‘helpless’ position.

A lady is alerting others about a cruel guy who took advantage of her predicament and robbed her on Irving’s Highway 114.

On Sunday morning, Kimberly Smith was cut off by another car, leading her to veer off the road. Her automobile flipped, leaving her scared and powerless. A man stopped and approached her shortly after she had freed herself from the automobile, informing her that he had discovered her pocketbook.

When she started hunting for her phone, the guy took advantage of the situation and robbed her. He drove away in a fading red pickup truck.

Next thing she knows, he’s gone, and her wallet is gone, Smith claimed.

He must be in a difficult circumstance to feel compelled to take from somebody who has just been through a horrible incident and could have died or been seriously injured.

Smith works in a North Texas Police Department prison, and her dad is a retired Dallas and Addison cop. One wouldn’t want to wish that on anybody, Smith’s father, Steve, said. To take advantage of it, to rob from her, and then just leave her there by herself.

After the man went, Smith was left by the side of the road, with hundreds of automobiles passing by. People were slowing down to take photographs, she explained. ‘Hey, could you call 911?  Kindly help.’ Men started driving. Someone came to a halt.

The man that assisted her was from out of state, and she wishes to locate him and thank him.

The robber has not been identified, but Irving police are hoping that somebody would identify the red fading pickup vehicle and report it.

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