Man Forced To Pay Vet Bill After Feeding Chicken To A Vegan Cat.

Cats are not ashamed of their desire for food and will display their impressive begging prowess to obtain some. They genuinely always succeed in getting what they want since nobody can help but notice their adorable eyes and funny features. Sharing meals with cats, however, put the woman in this story in an uncomfortable scenario. Read the whole story to know what occurred.

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My sister is basically a crazy cat lady. She doesn’t have a man or kids, she just has a cat named Mimi who she treats like her literal child. Sis needed to go away on a business trip and was going to put the cat in some fancy pet hotel thing. I convinced her to let me stay at her place and watch the cat instead because I’m broke. She didn’t want me to at first but decided that it would be “less stressful” for the cat anyways.

My sister aside from being a cat lady is also a vegan. I don’t have any issues with vegans but she literally never shuts up about it (except to talk about her cat).

I was reading the ingredients on the cat food she left out and there was no meat in it. I figured this was her taking a vegan stance and decided that enough was enough. I gave the cat a bit of my chicken one night for dinner. She loved it so much and was begging for more. I brought some chicken over for her, cooked it up and slowly fed it to her over the week.

Sis got home from her business trip and called me absolutely hysterical. I couldn’t understand her at first but then figured out that she was asking me what I did to her cat. I told her I gave the cat some chicken and it was no big deal. She completely flipped out and told me that the cat is allergic to chicken and had scratched herself to the point she needed to go to the vet.

My parents who are normally sick of her veganism actually sided with her and said it was wrong of me to feed the cat anything without getting the go ahead from sis. And I do feel bad but I also feel like if she told me about the allergy I wouldn’t have fed the cat meat. I seriously didn’t know that cats could be allergic to meat, especially chicken.

Sis doesn’t want to pay me, which is fair, but also wants me to cover the vet bills, but I don’t think that I should be punished for a mostly harmless mistake. And I feel like it’s also kind of her fault for not telling me. Am I A Jerk?

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