Man Gets Arrested After Slapping Wife In Wheelchair On Live TV.

A live news clip included the man and woman in the backdrop. Phoenix police detained a 60-year-old man after he was captured on video hitting a lady in a wheelchair during a live television appearance, according to officials.

The incident occurred during a KPNX-TV broadcast outside a downtown courtroom. A guy is seen standing behind a wheelchair, conveying a slumped-over woman, over the shoulder of newsman Joe Dana.

The man appears to raise the woman by her shoulders and then lower her on the back of the chair. The footage then appears to show him smacking her on the side of the head. It occurred during the station’s 6 p.m. broadcast, prompting a rush of calls to the newsroom and police, according to experts.

Officials arrived on the scene and apprehended Randall Burgess, who was still with the lady. According to police, the two are genuinely connected.

Burgess was accused of minor assault and released, according to officials. According to authorities, the lady seemed muddled and was brought to her adjacent apartment complex. According to officials, both the guy and the lady displayed symptoms of intoxication. Burgess has past convictions for disorderly behaviour and violence, according to court records, according to the station.

Watch the video.

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