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Man hears voice coming from shed behind house, finds 6-yr-old boy alone, with hands tied behind his back.

Juan Vaquero had been worried about his neighbor’s treatment of her grandson for some time. Even he was taken aback when he heard the cries for aid.Vaquero had been struggling with his conscience for quite some time.

Esmeralda Lira, his landlady/neighbor, and her neighbour, Jose Balderas, had been caring for Lira’s grandson for some time. Vaquero had observed them mistreating the kid.

Vaquero, on the other hand, was concerned about losing his place if he said anything. However, he believed that they would learn to better treat the child. And he had doubts that the grandma and her boyfriend were harming the child. They’d yelled at him all the time, but he’d never seen them strike him.

The boy had occasionally asked Vaquero for food. Vaquero was concerned, but rationalized that the boy’s parents had just placed him on a diet.

But then he heard something awful one day.

He overheard the child pleading for assistance. He turned to look towards Lira and Balderas’ house. It appeared to be vacant. Despite the fact that it was night, no lights were turned on.

So the man took a step closer to his house.

Then Vaquero realised that the voice was not coming from his house, as he had assumed. It was coming from the rear yard, not the front.

He entered the yard with caution, fearful that Lira or Balderas would be enraged that he was intruding on their land.

Vaquero soon discovered that the voice was coming from a shed. He got to the shed door, tried to open it, and noticed it was locked.

So Vaquero began conversing with the kid. He prayed it was all a mistake and that the child was not in any danger. But what the child said after that shocked him.

Vaquero began recording on his phone when he realised the situation was dire.

He talked to the child. His grandma had locked him in the shed, according to the boy.

Then Vaquero inquired about the boy’s possessions, such as a blanket or a bed. He didn’t, according to the boy.

The man then inquired as to how long the child had been imprisoned in the shed. He’d been there since 6 p.m., according to the child. It was around 10 p.m.

The dad then realised that the youngster had not eaten since the morning.

Vaquero then stated that he was going to grab him some food. Even if Vaquero slid it through a hole in the shed, the youngster said, he wouldn’t be able to eat it since his hands were tied behind his back.

The man stated that he would assist. He contacted Child Protective Services and explained the circumstances.

Cops quickly showed up. They were appalled by what they saw as they entered the shed. The kid had his wrists bound behind his back. Bugs and rodents were also scurrying around the shed. They took the kid to the station and fed him.

A police officer awaited Lira and Balderas when they came home. He then arrested them and transported them to jail.

The police sought to question the grandparents in jail about why they had done such a horrific act. They just stated that the child had taken food.

Vaquero must now find new housing because the offenders were his landlord and her boyfriend.

Nevertheless, he feels that this is a minor price to pay for guaranteeing a kid’s well-being.

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