Man In 1st Class Gave His Seat To This Deserving Soldier.

Our servicemen and servicewomen deserve whatever we can give them. Airlines often give them some little perks, such as letting them board just after those who have paid for first class.

On one recently flight, a man had boarded in first class, and he noticed a military woman coming on board. As she prepared to pass him, he said, “Sorry, ma’am. I’m in your seat.”

The servicewoman looked very confused as she looked at where the man stood from. She knew she was not in first class.

Then the man asked, “What does your ticket say?” She looked down at her ticket and said, “31 B.”

He then nodded, and walked down the aisle, taking a seat at 31 B.

The unknown servicewoman was very touched by the man’s kind gesture. And as she sat down in that first-class seat, she was extremely excited. It was so comfortable, and certainly nothing like what she had been used to.

A short time into the flight, as the man who had given up his first-class seat was settling into one far less cozy, a flight attendant approached him and handed him a note.

When he opened it up, it read: “Seat 31 B – Please accept a drink or snack on me. If everyone treated people the way you treated the service-woman, the world would be a better place.”

And included with that note was a $10 bill. It was from another passenger, Jessica Titus, who had followed the man’s generous actions from the beginning, as she was right behind the servicewoman when she boarded.

The man appreciated Jessica for sending him the money, but he got it back to her and told her to go ahead and buy something for herself. Jessica shared her story on social media and it got a lot of attention, with around 40,000 likes, and so many of them praised the kind man’s actions.

“On my flight Tuesday, I walked down the jetway behind a woman in uniform (Army). A man stood up from his 1st class seat…

Posted by Love What Matters on Sunday, 9 April 2017

As nice as this story turned out, others, however unintended, can say things to servicemen and servicewomen that will make them uncomfortable.

Some of those things are: When are you getting out of the military?; I’m sorry you had to go through this; Did you see any action/shoot people/kill anyone?; or Thank God you won’t be deployed again.

The best thing you can do for anyone in or even out of the service is to make them as comfortable as possible. And the best thing you can say to them, is “Thank you,” and genuinely mean it.

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