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Man in Philadelphia scales a 19-story building to save his mom from a fire.

They claim real-life superheroes don’t wear capes, yet the definition of a superhero is controversial.

Nobody could deny that Jermaine is a real-life superhero from Philadelphia.

What the 35-year-old did for his mother was not only a noble gesture of love, but it also might have resulted in his death.

Jermaine ascended a 19-story burning building to reach his bedridden mother on the 15th level, despite having shattered his hip the day before.

Jermaine went to the site after receiving a call from his sister that his 65-year-old mom’s high-rise apartment complex was on fire.

He realized his mom wouldn’t be able to leave the building on her own and had to assist her.

When he arrived at the site, however, cops were not letting anybody past the front door.

So, utilizing his roofing and construction expertise, Jermaine climbed the building’s outside to save his helpless mother.

He climbed up with some barbed-wire cutters to break the gate so the firefighters could get upstairs, Jermaine explained.

He had fallen on some steps earlier that day and shattered his hip, but nothing was going to deter him from seeing his mother.

He climbed back down the building after seeing that the fire had not reached the 15th story and that his mother was safe. He became a nationwide celebrity after a camera captured his heroic efforts, with some headlines equating him to Spiderman.

He thought if anybody else was in a similar situation, they would do the same thing, since no one wants to sit outside and lose their mom, Jermaine started modestly.

Jermaine’s mom and all of the other inhabitants escaped the building unharmed. For smoke inhalation, three firemen and four civilians were treated.

In the video below, you can see this extraordinary man in action.

A man that was spotted scaling a 19-story burning apartment building in Philadelphia was afraid that his mother was trapped on the 15th floor but she was safe – and not a bit surprised to see him on her balcony. For more:

Posted by Good Morning America on Saturday, 20 July 2019

Jermaine, I’m not sure everybody can climb a tower like this! That was a remarkable ascent.

If you were astounded by Jermaine’s gesture to check on his mother, please share your thoughts.

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