Man In Wheelchair Didn’t Expect The Car To Stop And Handover Him This.

Source: Facebook

We spent the most wonderful 36 hours with family and friends in NYC celebrating the 49th Anniversary for two special people. As we walked from our hotel to Yankee Stadium, Dan pushed Rick in his wheelchair with 3 year old Luke on his lap. A block into our 15 minute, 10 block walk, it started to rain. We weren’t prepared!

Suddenly, we noticed a GENTLEMAN who pulled over in his car, hopped out and went to his trunk. He took out his umbrella, opened it and gave it to Dan! We were all dumbstruck.

Simply a random act of kindness where we never expected such a thing. For all of us, it was the “event” that we haven’t stopped talking about!

Thank you Mr. Umbrella Man! 

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