Man killed fellow prisoner who raped his sister after chance meeting behind bars

26 year old Shane Goldsby has had nearly 25 years added to his punishment for slaying imprisoned child molester, Robert Munger, 70.  Goldsby ended up sharing a prison cell in Washington with Robert at Airway Heights Corrections Center.  

Goldsby shattered after hearing Robert, attending a 43-year punishment for child abuse, molestation and custody of offensive pictures of children in 2019.

In June 2020, Goldsby beat Robert to death in the common space of the jail, constantly stamping on his head and striking him more than a dozen times. Robert succumbed to his injuries three days later.  

He ended up in a cell with the man who attacked his sister

This criminal was arrested after a police chase, but he never thought he would share the cell… with the criminal who attacked his little sister. Robert Munger, a 70-year-old man, was serving a sentence for committing crimes against minor women when he received the news about his new cellmate. Shane Goldsby arrived to keep him company inside the prison walls, and they soon found out about their connection: Robert had taken advantage of Shane’s little sister violently, and now Shane would get even with his own hands…

Posted by The Enigma on Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Goldsby was originally imprisoned for theft a Washington State patrol car and hurting a state trooper in the course of a chase in 2017. He has now been punished to an extra 298 months behind bars.  

The Washington Department of Corrections claimed that it has a rule that should have avoided Goldsby and Robert being allocated to the same lockup.  However there was no sign of a possible fight in papers for lodging assignments.  Personnel were also uninformed of the link due to unlike names of family members.

Though, Goldsby claims he was overlooked after learning the upsetting fact about Robert and notifying establishments.  He also states that he pressed the emergency cell switch ahead of the killing but no jail guards answered.  

The jail authorities said it was leading its own in-house examination as well as liaising with the cops and court of law.  

Goldsby made an apology to Robert’s family in the course of the sentencing trial. He turns out to be speechless with sentiment prompting his lawyer to read out his testimonial on his behalf.  

The testimonial said that he cannot envisage what it would be like to miss a precious one in this kind of way and specified that he ask for forgiveness to his wife and his entire family.

Goldsby said that he is so apologetic and have faith that the family is able to reconcile from what he caused. The statement further added that he is embarrassed of his actions and he was put in a position that he don’t hope on nobody.  

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