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Man Laughs While Smearing Feces On Woman’s Face, Gets His Face Disfigured In Prison.

New Yorkers, used to violent crime, were shocked when they saw video of a guy smearing human excrement on a woman’s face during a rush-hour assault inside a Bronx subway station. According to cops, the 43-year-old woman was seated on a bench on the southbound platform when a guy approached her, clutching a black plastic bag.

Then, without saying anything, he crushed the foul contents of the bag in her face and smeared it on the back of her head, according to the video. The police quickly apprehended Frank Abrokwa, who was discovered in a homeless shelter. After he was arrested, he made light of the assault, telling officers, “Sh*t happens. Haha. This is a sh*tty situation. Haha.”

When Frank Abrokwa was arraigned, he maintained his arrogant demeanor. Prior to his hearing before Judge Wanda Licitra, he was heard muttering in the holding room, Why is he still here? It’s becoming tired and hungry. He then screamed at the judge, why is he being abused by the system?” His rant went on. He is being polite. He is talking to his lawyer, he yelled at the juror. The judge is conversing with her and not him. 

Grace Phillips, Deputy District Attorney, revealed the heinous act in court. Abrokwa approached the victim just before the incident and said, “Hey Mami, how come she doesn’t want to speak to him?” Phillips explained. The complainant did not interact with the defendant, the ADA said. Instead of taking the lack of interaction in stride, the defendant replied with aggression. He defecated in a bag in a nearby idle subway vehicle.

What occurred next was described by ADA Phillips. He then went back to the complainant and repeatedly shattered the bag, leaving his excrement on her face, head, neck, shoulders, and back. She had excrement in her hair and eyes. When he assaulted, the defendant said, in essence, ‘Like this, b*tch?’

According to press accounts, the fury in the community grew when the judge’s hands were restricted by “soft on crime” bail reform legislation. After the event, Abrokwa was arrested and charged with forceful touching, threatening, disorderly conduct, and harassment, but since the offenses were deemed non-violent, a court was unable to set bond in the case, and he was permitted to walk free, reads the statement.

According to court papers, the “poop perp” reportedly barged into an office at a Harlem storage facility, damaged a glass pane with a dumbbell, and threatened a worker. That’s when he was detained again; however, this time he was brought to Riker’s Island, where the majority of the convicts knew everything about his misdeeds.

When another convict assaulted him, Frank Abrokwa’s face was scalded with hot water. As another convict with the surname “Burns” attacked him with boiling water, Abrokwa is anticipated to suffer severe face damage. According to accounts, Abrokwa had a target on his back. He didn’t deserve it, but if anybody was going to be burned, he’d be the first, a source said.

According to police, the guy who became one of New York City’s most despised individuals has a rap sheet dating back to the 1990s, with at least 20 unsealed previous arrests and offenses ranging from robbery, assault, forced touching, illegal possession of stolen goods, and aggravated harassment.

The tragedy has the potential to permanently disfigure Abrokwa. One can wash the sh*t off one’s face and still have mental scars. One will have physical and emotional scars for the rest of one’s life when it comes to hot water, the insider continued. It may seem ironic that the convict who gave Abrokwa the permanent makeover was called “Burns,” and imposed jail justice by boiling water on his face.

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