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Man learns that his girlfriend has 5 spouses and another lover.

Despite tolerating her five spouses, the ex-boyfriend of Britain’s most known bigamist left her after discovering she was cheating on him.

Wayne Harper, 43, dated Emily Horne for 18 months before calling it quits when he realized she was having an affair.

Horne had previously been married to five men at the time, and Mr Harper promised to support his girlfriend if she stayed faithful to him.

Horne married two more men after their relationship ended, becoming Britain’s most renowned bigamist with seven spouses.

Mr Harper, from the West Midlands, met Horne when they were both hospitalized. He was healing from a riding accident while she was healing from a minor procedure.

Mr Harper accused Horne of cheating on him and dissolved their relationship after a year and a half.

He parted with her because he discovered she was cheating on him, the bachelor told.

He was only with her for 18 months, and it did not end well. G=H has no memories of her, no photographs, nothing.

Horne moved in with Mr Harper and his family shortly after being released from the hospital, telling him she had nowhere else to go.

Dennis Harper, Mr Harper’s father, stated that she resided with them for around six months. They were together for a year or more, yet his son broke the relationship and he discovered her with other guys, he stated.

Mr Harper earlier stated that Horne deserved a second opportunity and that if she was convicted of bigamy, he would support her.

Horne’s several marriages were revealed in the Channel 4 programme The Bigamist Bride: My Five Husbands in 2009.

Horne’s web of falsehoods began shortly after she married her first husband, Paul Rigby, when she was 18 years old in 1996.

They parted after a few months, then in 1999 she married Sean Cunningham at Leeds Register Office under the name Emily Lecont.

Their love ended after a few months, and she left him for his pal, Simon Thorpe, who had given her away at Mr Cunningham’s wedding.

She married Chris Barrett, a 21-year-old internet designer, at Leeds Register Office while Horne and Thorpe were engaged.

She went back to using the name Emily Horne, however this time she introduced herself as an account handler whose dad was a former Army major.

She later married James Matthews, 34, four weeks after meeting on a train where he worked as a conductor and proposing to him through text message.

West Yorkshire Police were later notified, and she was warned in August 2001 for two counts of bigamy.

Horne began working as a glamour model, featuring in X-rated films, about this time.

Horne moved in with one of Mr Matthews’ pals after four months, and when she did not return, he tipped off authorities, and she was sentenced for six months for bigamy in 2004.

Ashley Baker, 25, of Rochdale, whom she met while working at a massage parlor, married her in May 2007.

But before they left for their honeymoon in Scotland, Horne disclosed to him about her prior marriages and gave him newspaper cuttings.

Despite her wedding revelation that he was spouse number five after she lied and told him she had cancer, he stuck by her for another ten months.

Stuart Allen, an IT professional from Burnley, became ‘smitten’ with the brunette who presented herself as Max.

She agreed to marry him, however when she went to visit her father in 2010, he discovered she had gone to the United States to marry police officer Fred Miller, whom she had met online.

Their marriage went up just a few days into Horne’s honeymoon with husband number six, and she returned to England to live on benefits in Wareham, Dorset.

After meeting him on a dating service, she married her seventh spouse, Craig Hadwin, in a ceremony in Scotland in 2011.

She then exploited his name to obtain prescription medicines to fuel her sedative and painkiller addiction.

She disguised herself as Mr Hadwin, a Navy officer stationed at RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset, and attempted to deceive physicians into giving her sleeping medication.

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