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Man mauled, killed by brother’s 4 pit bulls in his own backyard.

Dezmond R. Thomas Trawick, 22, of Minnesota, was playing with his elder brother’s four pit bulls when he was attacked by the dogs, leaving him with “extensive bites,” and he died one hour later in the hospital.

According to Thomas Trawick’s family, he was minding his elder brother’s four pit bulls; however, his brother does not reside at the Brooklyn Centre house. On Thursday, Thomas Trawick was at home with his dogs in his backyard when the incident occurred.

Thomas Trawick’s neighbor, Jerry Nelson, was interviewed and described the sight he observed as the four dogs mercilessly mauled the 22-year-old.

He has been messed up all day today, he confessed.

Nelson moved to Minnesota after fleeing Liberia due to a civil conflict. He described what he witnessed in Liberia but struggled to communicate his disbelief at seeing four dogs attack a guy, something he couldn’t grasp.

He claimed to have seen Thomas Trawick throwing a tennis ball to his four dogs in his backyard.

During the assault, Nelson contacted 911, according to Nelson. He started tossing pebbles and sticks at the dogs in an attempt to keep them away from Thomas Trawick.

Those are big, giant dogs, Nelson said, and he couldn’t get them off of him.

He said that the notion of Thomas Trawick dying did not enter his mind when he dialed 911 to assist in saving his neighbor.

It was a terrible calling because he never imagined that. All he knew was that he was injured and in need of assistance, and that he was going to return. But he wasn’t even thinking about dying.

According to the Brooklyn Center Police Department, they got a call about 12:45 p.m. that day. When police arrived at the residence, they fired a nonlethal bullet that struck one of the pit bulls, prompting all of the dogs to return to Thomas Trawick’s home.

According to authorities, he had “extensive bites” and much of his clothing was ripped off the dogs.

Thomas Trawick was intubated and sent to North Memorial Health Hospital, where he died an hour later. According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office, he died as a result of the seriousness of his wounds.

The medical examiner’s office has ruled his death an accident. Pups Under Police Security (PUPS), an animal holding facility, has quarantined the dogs. According to the Minneapolis StarTribune, police said the pit bulls must undergo a “dangerous dog evaluation” to decide what will happen to them.

According to Brooklyn Center Police Commander Tony Gruenig, the reason for the dogs’ assault on Thomas Trawick is being investigated.

It takes about 10 to 14 days to declare the dogs dangerous,” Gruenig said. They have to serve paperwork, have a hearing, and there is an appeal process if it is declared dangerous.

According to Gruenig, the owners could also turn the dogs over to the city, and the hearing would be waived.

Dionne Thomas established a GoFundMe account to assist the family in receiving funds as they plan for Thomas Trawick’s burial, memorial, and other everyday costs as they grieve his loss.

A memorial to Thomas Trawick has been written on the website for donors and everyone who stumbles across it to see.

Dezmond Thomas Trawick died tragically recently. This agonizing loss came unexpectedly and will be felt by many. Dezmond was a brother, son, uncle, grandfather, and friend. He was well-liked by the Brooklyn Centre community and a Brooklyn Centre High School alumnus. Everyone who knew him adored him. Dezmond was recognized as an old soul who was giving with his time, support, and advice. He loved the people around him and his family, the obituary states.

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