Man meets girlfriend when she was pregnant, gets slammed online for being a dad to another man’s baby

Managing a new relationship may be difficult, but one man had the extra difficulty of meeting the lady of his dreams only to discover she was pregnant.

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Posted by Edgar Oliveira on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Caroline Oliveira, a Brazilian woman, had no idea she was pregnant when she met Edgar Costa. She was merely happy to find a man who shared her beliefs and desired to start a family; little did she realise, this would happen sooner than she planned.

She described how prior relationships had left her bitter and how she had prayed to God to bring her somebody who would behave with her kindly.

The realtor explained that exhausted from being exploited and humiliated by relationships that can’t appreciate her or didn’t offer her hope and trust, she prayed to God to send in her life a guy who understood how to treat her like a lady; who appreciated her; who shared her desire to establish a family.

She met Edgar, but she had no idea she was seeing ‘the one.’

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Posted by Caroline Oliveira on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Edgar was astonished to find that Caroline was pregnant, and many would have accepted if he had chosen to end it, but rather he chose to stay with Caroline and assist her in raising a child who was not his.

Because of their growing love, Edgar imagined a life with Caroline that was worth defending for, despite Caroline’s pregnancy. Costa explained he  simply happened to fall in love with somebody who was pregnant.

Edgar was overjoyed to discover Caroline and posted his joy on social media, unaware of the reaction he would receive. He remarked that sadly, there were some unpleasant remarks among all of the nice and supporting responses. The majority were guys, and he didn’t comprehend why there was so much hatred.

Even if friends and relatives cautioned Costa not to become close with Caroline, none of that counted in comparison to how he felt.

He continued that it was all so natural and when he saw it, he was already emotionally engaged with that pregnancy and taking care of them, doing whatever he could.

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Posted by Caroline Oliveira on Saturday, December 21, 2019

They had planned to marry by the end of 2021 and were overjoyed when baby Lara was born. He is in love with these two people, and he will do all in his ability to help them, Costa said.

Posted by Caroline Oliveira on Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Caroline, on the other hand, expressed her gratitude for having Carlos at her side during her labour.

She thanks God for this amazing person by her side, assisting, inspiring, and encouraging her at all times. It would have been far more hard to go through it all without him around.

He praises her for allowing him to be a part of the delivery, but he is even more glad that he embraced and remained with her this time.

We believe this couple’s tale is lovely, and there’s nothing wrong with Carlos adopting another man’s kid and loving Caroline; it demonstrates bravery, strength, and, most significantly, it demonstrates unconditional love.

We wish them a prosperous and positive future.

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