Man Promised Daughter a Message after Death – Lights Start Blinking & She Whispers ‘Daddy?’

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This is all 100% true. It could be a coincidence but the details were so exact and symbolic that I think it was my dad.

My father, who I love beyond words, passed away on Thanksgiving. He adopted me and gave me enough love to last lifetimes. In our last days together, we came up with a sign he would give me if he was able to from the other side. We settled on flickering the street lights in a certain way when I was near and it was safe.

My fiancé took me ice skating yesterday. It was hard on me, because I loved ice skating with my dad.

My fiancé reminds me a lot of my dad, personality wise. He has been a huge source of comfort to me. While skating, we got out of the rink so the employees could clear the ice. It was an outdoor rink, with tons of beautiful Christmas lights and old fashioned street lights.

While we were sitting, I got upset about my dad. A huge source of sadness for me is that my fiancé, who is from another country, did not get to meet him in person before he died.

While thinking about this, I saw the street light near us blinking in a slow, steady pattern – just what we had agreed on. It gave me chills, made the tears come up all over again in disbelief. I whispered to myself “Daddy?”

At that exact moment, it stopped blinking and the light stayed on. I turned to my fiancé in disbelief and pointed it out. At some point I mentioned that I hoped it really was him and not just a coincidence. My fiancé told me it is him, without a doubt. This part was the most convincing to me – at the EXACT moment right after he said that, the light suddenly got twice as bright.

It could have just been a coincidence, but I am just too convinced due to the way it all occurred. I am not embellishing or misremembering. It was a moving moment of serendipity for me.

Thank you for reading. I feel very at peace today.

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