Man pulls a gun on a cop and is shot — Family hires an attorney and demands the cop charged with murder.

Cameron Lamb, 26, was shot and murdered in his backyard while sitting in a truck, according to authorities, after pointing a firearm at a detective. But, the family of the slain Missouri man has rejected that he did anything to merit such use of force, and they have recruited a notable lawyer to seek justice.

According to the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD), police were dispatched to 35th and College for an incident involving two automobiles. Suspects allegedly led officers on foot to a house on 41st Street as a police aircraft examined the area. Officers approached Lamb, who was sitting in a vehicle in his garden, and he was seated in a truck.

Cops in Kansas City affirm that Lamb pointed a gun at one of the investigators who followed him behind his house to interview him about his alleged role in the previous incident. When one of the policemen noticed the handgun, he shot at Lamb, hitting and killing him.

Lamb’s family, naturally grieved, contacted Kansas City Police to seek answers about their son’s sudden death. Detectives could only reveal some details due to an ongoing probe. The family’s curiosity quickly turned to distrust.

After failing to obtain the explanations they sought, Lamb’s family recruited Lee Merritt, a self-described social justice activist and lawyer who has represented several high-profile cases involving black individuals murdered in officer-involved shootings. Now, Lamb’s bereaved relatives are demanding justice and publicly blaming the cop who shot him of “murder.”

Merritt has put his stance on social media, mobilizing followers to blame the KCPD of concealing up a murder. He has reiterated the family’s contention that Lamb was simply working on automobiles in the garden when he was fired down by trigger-happy cops.

The KCPD has repeatedly denied that Lamb was working on automobiles in the yard when he was shot. Fighting fire with fire, the department responded to Merritt’s tweet with an official report.

Merritt went on to demand “transparency” in the inquiry and the publication of all of the department’s findings in the Lamb case. Of course, investigators aren’t allowed to provide important facts until the inquiry is over, so Lamb’s family is left with more questions than answers.

Throughout the inquiry, social media users have been split between supporting either side or the other. Sadly, there appears to be no peace for supporters of either the family or the KCPD until the matter is concluded.

Lamb’s heartbroken family is naturally distraught about their only son’s death and the lack of information so far. Nevertheless, it is risky to charge a cop with obvious “murder” without any proof that he is responsible of such a heinous crime.

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