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Man risks being arrested and breaks car window to save dog trapped in hot car

Everybody should understand not to leave their dog in a hot car when traveling with their fluffy pet. Take your dog with you wherever you go, or open a window or leave the air conditioner on. An irresponsible dog owner left their dog in a hot car during the summer in this video, and a kind Samaritan risked arrest to save the poor, defenseless pooch.

The video is set in Canada, when a guy called Mark Lewis discovers a black BMW with a black interior in bright sunlight, with a dog confined inside. This video was shot on June 11th, when the temperature was ninety degrees outdoors, so who knows how hot the car was inside.

Multiple individuals began to assist Mark Lewis in breaking into the car to save the dog, who was plainly overheated and scared. A Kitchener homeowner said that the owners had been gone for nearly 50 minutes, despite a notice requesting them to return.

The dog was sitting on the passenger side, so Mark Lewis picked up a large rock and hurled it through the rear glass many times until the pane cracked, allowing him to get the dog, called Cotton, out of the sweltering car.

The folks surrounding him hailed his brave deeds when the window cracked and he was eventually able to save the wounded puppy.

When they brought the dog out of the car, he was saturated in perspiration, as per Mark Lewis.

Nobody knows how long Cotton was left in the heated car, yet by the time bystanders rescued him, he was fairly sleepy, hanging over Mark Lewis’ arm. Cotton recovered quickly after being given some water and was enjoying playing within five minutes.

Mark Lewis had a few words for the dog’s owners- One really has to use one’s best judgment, and the owners of this dog in this automobile did not use their best judgment on that specific day.

Cotton would have died if no one had helped him! The owners and police came at the same time, which was another fifty minutes later, and who wondered what would have occurred if nobody had rescued him. The Ontario Provincial Police are collaborating with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Huron County Humane Society.

Although no charges or fines have been filed, Section 445 of the Criminal Code of Canada states that anybody who knowingly and unlawfully creates pain or suffering to an animal faces a maximum $10,000 fine or imprisonment ranging from 1.5 to 5 years. Because their owners couldn’t be capable of checking on poor Cotton, they should be punished in some way!

In this circumstance, it is best to call animal control to tow the car and extract the animal without causing any harm. Still, in the time, anybody would do anything to save a dog that appears to be passing out from overheating.

This is an excellent video to watch if you desire your faith in people restored. It’s comforting to know that individuals were prepared to go to any length to preserve Cotton’s life.

Check out the video below to witness this man’s courageous acts for yourself!

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