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Man Says ‘I Do’ 5 Weeks After Neighbors Performed CPR for More Than 14 Minutes to Save Him From Heart Attack

The homeowner’s security camera caught the time a Pennsylvania man stumbled onto a porch and rang his neighbors’ bell for aid.

Chris Favorin was in the midst of a catastrophic heart attack described as a “widow maker” when he collapsed into his hands and knees on his neighbors’ porch, as captured on film.

She was a wreck and  thought she’d lose him for sure, his fiancée Beth recalled of her feelings at the time, five weeks before their wedding.

Chris had just completed a home workout when he had a heart attack. Beth realized that he required help, and he didn’t believe he’d make it to the hospital, so Chris chose to seek assistance from his next-door neighbors.

Rachel Mowry, a nurse practitioner, and her firefighter/EMT husband Christopher, who occurred to be at home, sprung into rescue.

They started doing what required to be done, Christopher explained.

Before obtaining a pulse, the husband-wife duo conducted nonstop CPR compressions for 14 minutes. The 53-year-old’s heart stopped again two minutes later.

They understood not having a pulse was really awful, Rachel said.

They were successful in bringing him back a second time.

He thought God sent them his way that day, Chris explained. He knew he wouldn’t have made it if they hadn’t been there.

Neighbors Save Man’s Life After Massive Heart Attack

A #Pennsylvania couple saved their neighbor's life days before his wedding. Chris Favorin suffered a massive heart attack after finishing a home workout. Chris and his fiancée went to their neighbor's home for help. Rachel Mowry and her husband, Christopher, performed non-stop CPR compressions for 14 minutes until he had a pulse.

Posted by Inside Edition on Monday, September 19, 2022

In her opinion, they’re heroes; the finest neighbors anyone could have, Beth added.

Rachel and Christopher were able to witness Chris and Beth’s wedding in their hometown of York because of their swift efforts. During the vows, the couple was even mentioned.

He is incredibly blessed, Chris subsequently stated of his neighbors, Rachel and Christopher. Because without them, neither would he be here and nor would this beautiful ceremony take place. 

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